About Us

Have you ever bought an item that you don't really like the design? Maybe, Ziven Project is the answer to your problem. Ziven Project is a project that was created by looking at the anxiety. Because there is no other choice, you must have to buy it. In other occasion, there is a design that you want for your outfit in your head. But who can make it up?

Since 2014, Ziven Project makes your dream come true. Aside from providing ready stock items (t-shirt, cap, varsity, hoodie, etc), we also provide custom.

Ziven Project was created to be a shopping destination for people who want to dress according to their own taste, no matter what their style. Each of our products is made following the fashion trend that ends with excellent quality workmanship. Ziven project is an online store suitable for people who do not have much time to choose and shop to offline stores, all types of products that you want, we will try to make it happen. Dream it up, make it up!